Erk Pod 26 – Podcast Show Notes

Erk to the Diary Room 17 – Numbers Task Part 2, Back to School FNL, M versus A bitchfight, Eviction 9 Review, Noms 10 Preview

Listen to Erk Pod episode 26

Erk Pod episode 26 – 68 minutes

In this massive episode of Erk to the Diary Room, Erk looks at the second part of the Numbers task, Back to School FNL, the Michelle V Aleisha bitchfight and how Up Late frustrated Erk during it and the eviction of the resident nerd Jamie. Also find out which former HM is now doing SMS dating ads. There is also a preview of Nominations 10 where the public can also vote. Also listen out for some humour from BB and Erk’s new idea for a TV Show involving DanYELLa.

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I’ve just remembered I haven’t done my Myspace blog of the same name (Erk to the Diary Room) yet but it is nearly 4am Monday (got to love afternoon shifts!) so that will come on late Monday night.


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