Erk Pod 29 – Podcast Show Notes

Erk to the Diary Room 20 – Erk Pod’s “Jeans for Michelle Day”

Listen to Erk Pod episode 29

Erk Pod episode 29 – 40 minutes

Welcome to episode 20 of Erk to the Diary Room where we have a look at the eviction of Michelle. And because she is so hard up for jeans, the official Erk Pod charity for today is “Jeans for Michelle Day”.

In other, um, news from the um, BBTV task, Erk finds out if um the HM’s passed the task. DanYELLa scores a moral victory when she pre-empted BB about the Earth mini-task in yet another example of DanYELLa trying to revive the house from the coma that they are surely in.

With 3 weeks to go, BB knows he needs more money in his big fat beefy wallet and that the patient is lying bleeding on the table of the Emergency Department so they have tried to make things different. This week, the public and the HM’s nominate but the HM’s votes are worthless (more than usual) but the HM’s will be evicting one of their own from Sunday. – Become my Myspace friend – Previous episodes and more details

Don’t forget “Jeans for Michelle Day” – donate any unwanted jeans to your local charity…..


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