Erk Pod 30 – Podcast Show Notes

Erk to the Diary Room 21 – Limping Towards the end of the BB Tunnel

Listen to Erk Pod episode 30

Erk Pod episode 30 – 44 minutes

Welcome to the water restricted edition of Erk to the Diary Room.

Taking up from the eviction of Michelle, Erk looks at:

* Reverse Noms (Public nominates, HM Noms don’t count, BB gets a sense of humour)

* Video Clip task judged by Kyle from 2Day FM and Idol. Did I mention that Kyle is from 2Day FM and Idol?

* FNL won by Billy. It ended with another f**king quiz!

* Reverse Eviction (HM’s evicted DanYELLa).

* Final Noms

This episode features some snoring from the HM’s and some bad HM impersonations from Erk. But we are on the downhill run now. By the way, I’m still waiting for evidence of Joel (aka Rove) being funny.

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There maybe one more episode of “Erk to the Diary Room” prior to the BB Finale on Monday 30 July and then a wrap-up episode after the finale. Then there will be semi-regular Erk Pod general episodes where it is “all Erk, all the time”


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