Erk Pod 31 – Podcast Show Notes

Erk to the Diary Room Episode 22 – 2007 BB Finale

Listen to Erk Pod episode 31

Erk Pod episode 31 – 29 minutes

Welcome to the last episode of Erk to the Diary Room for 2007. Covering the final 2 weeks of Australian BB for 2007, the episode ends with Slap & Tickle. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and listened to episodes. Thanks to the other BB podcasts (Behind Big Brother, Oh Brother, Reality Cast and Big Brother Weekly) that I have enjoyed listening to this year. Thanks to Leigh for providing support (especially in this episode, there is an un-expected surprise). Thanks also to all my friends (you know who you are!) and also especially Jordy, Smiley Kylie, Em & Angel as well for your support and humour.

BB may have turned out the lights for 2007 but never fear, Erk Pod is still here with the aim of at least one general episode a week from next week. Also, there is the chance of more stand up comedy performances as I start my holidays from my place of employment very soon.


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