Erk Pod 32 – Podcast Show Notes

Highlights of Erk to the Diary Room (eps 1 – 6)

Listen to Erk Pod episode 32

Erk Pod episode 32 – 73 minutes

Welcome to the first highlights package from “Erk to the Diary Room” looking back at the early days of BB for this year in Australia. This package covers episodes 1 through to 6 and were recorded on a voice recorder with sounds from my mobile phone. Because I did not decide to start podcasting until BB week 5, it was a steep learning curve and I had to catch up to what was happening. Further highlights packages from episode 7 to the final episode (22) will feature in coming days.

WARNING – Contains lame impersonations of various HM’s and BB! Enjoy the package!

Next week will see the commencement of regular (non BB) podcasts at Erk Pod where it is all Erk, all the time.


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