Erk Pod 35 – Podcast Show Notes

Erk Pod 35 – Erk sounding different in Canberra

Listen to Erk Pod episode 35

Erk Pod episode 35 – 65 minutes
Photo: Erk loitering in Kings Cross. Note the Photoshopped sign

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 35. This is the first episode of Erk Pod recorded after the Erk to the Diary Room series. Recorded in Canberra, Erk is sounding rather different due to being ill.

In this episode:

– Erk talks about Travo from BB being in Zoo and Emma and Susannah in FMH

– Punishment for footballers being late for training

– Meeting Toni Pearen and dancing with her

– Bargearse is coming out on DVD very soon! (see below for Bargearse on You Tube!)

– Why people have sex

– “iPodding Across the Universe”


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