Erk Pod 37 – Podcast Show Notes

Erk Pod 37 – The Chaser’s War on Kite Flying, Twenty 20 Weird Stories from Forster

Listen to Erk Pod episode 37

Erk Pod episode 37 – 52 minutes
Photo: Self portrait, Erk trying to look emo

Welcome to Erk Pod 37 direct from Forster on the NSW Mid North Coast. Featured on this episode:

– Erk’s trip to the Mid North Coast

– Building railways underneath Sydney’s CBD

– When kite flying goes wrong

– APEC wrap, especially “The Chaser’s War on Motorcades”

– World Twenty 20 Cricket World Championship

– Weird stories from the UK

Below is some video highlights on You Tube from the Great Lakes Rally that I was involved in. This event was round 5 of the Australian and NSW Rally Championships.


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One response to “Erk Pod 37 – Podcast Show Notes

  1. BJ

    I agree totally about Forster.

    I grew up in Forster. Went to Forster High School (can remember the school song). My parents owned one of the largest motels at Forster and we lived there (at the motel) and ran it. It was close to the town center.

    Growing up in Forster was like growing up in Summer Bay (the TV show Home and Away).

    The place dies during non-tourist times. You can’t do anything. All the touristy type attractions are closed. And yes, a lot of the locals need some lessons in customer service. All they care about is going to the beach!

    Some of the tourist places opened up on Wednesday afternoon to accommodate our school sport. We had unusual sport choices like Rollerskating, Grass Skiing, Shooting, and other cool stuff like Surfing and Beach Aerobics.

    During tourist season everything comes to life and all the prices get jacked up by 300%.

    In school holidays I couldn’t wait to come to Sydney and check out the trains and stuff!

    Here’s the Forster High School school song, written back in 1986 by my music teacher Lea Vaughan, back when the high school was in its original location near Bennett’s Head.

    There’s a sky to hold the sunlight
    Waves to greet the golden sand
    Lakes reflect the silent moonlight
    In our dear enduring land
    Like the dolphin in the ocean
    Like the bird which soars and sings
    We will show with deep devotion
    God reveals in living things.

    Let us live with one another
    Learn to overcome our fears
    Work and play in peace together
    Through the passing of the years
    Though the world is full of sadness
    May this song be our reply
    We will build with hope and gladness
    Faith and pride in Forster High
    We will build with hope and gladness
    Faith and pride in Forster High.

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