Erk Pod 40 – Podcast Show Notes

Erk Goes Around The World Without Leaving Australia

Listen to Erk Pod episode 41

Erk Pod episode 40 – 54 minutes
Photo: Looking towards Sydney from the Harbour

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 40. For Erk Pod Housekeeping and Erk News, see Erk Pod episode 39.

New website address:
New email address:
New Myspace profile:

In this episode:

– Ipodding Across the Universe
Featured podcasts are “Naive London Girl” and “Podcasting for Dummies” – in fact, Podcasting for Dummies led me to changes detailed in episode 39 and also led me to listen to the following podcasts. Search iTunes for “Cranky Geeks”, “Grammar Girl”, “Nate & Di”, “Nicole Simon’s Useful Sounds”, “Podcast 411”, “Soccer Girl” & “Wasting Time”

– Time for a song
“Not Your Enemy” by Megaphone brought to you by the Podsafe Music Network

– Say What?
Due to operator error (ie by me), there are no sounds this week but off-beat news stories from China, the UK & the US. In China, a couple want to call their baby @ (that’s right! the symbol in every email address!). In the UK, a woman spent 20 hours in 3 days on hold to British Telecom. Also, a Policeman is “on the job” while “on the job”. Speaking of “on the job”, a guy in the US crashed into a telegraph pole while a couple were “on the job” in the back seat.

– Zoo Watch
Not much doing here this week that is extraordinary

– DVD Watch
Catching up on new DVD releases

– Erk Sport
AFL/NRL Grand Final results, short Bathurst 1000 preview


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