“Welcome to the internet, my friend……..” – an introduction!

There’s nothing like a good Homer Simpson quote, is there?

Welcome to my little blogging part of the interweb. While the main purpose is for a place to put my show notes for my podcast “Erk Pod”, I will be blogging as well.

Whoa……slow down…….podcast?

Not everyone knows what a podcast is so I’ll briefly explain it. A podcast is (usually) an audio program that you can download from the interweb and listen to it on your MP3 player. And no, you do not need an iPod or even iTunes to enjoy podcasts. Any podcatcher and MP3 player will do. Think of a podcast as a radio type program that you can listen to when YOU want, and not when the radio station wants you to hear it. And the best thing is – 99.9% of podcasts are free!

Ever since I started recording Erk Pod and listening to podcasts, I very rarely listen to “normal” radio. I can hear highlights of my favourite shows in podcast episodes when I want which is handy for me because I am a shiftworker and so I don’t always get to listen to the shows live. And besides, the podcasts episodes are all the good bits without the news, traffic reports, music and all the ads. So I can listen to, say, 45 minutes of a podcast episode of *insert program name here* when I want and I’ve heard the quality bits rather than a person who sits around and listens to the whole thing.

So what is Erk Pod about?

I started podcasting in May 2007 and it was mostly about the TV reality show Big Brother here in Australia. I started recording on a Digital Voice Recorder and using my phone to play sound effects. I was determined at the time for the show to have no “bells and whistles.”

Then I went out and got a laptop and my DVR doesn’t like Vista (long story). So I started recording on a headset/mic and that was better and as I learnt, I improved my podcast. Then by the time that Big Brother finished, I decided that I would like to do a general show about me, news, entertainment, sport and more. I have done community radio in the past and I liked that so I saw the podcast as a chance to do something like that from the comfort of my own home when I wanted.

On the weekend just past, I went out and brought a Podcaststudio by Behringer and recorded episodes 41 and 42 on it. So each week I’m aiming to bring you at least one episode a week. It took me a while to get the mic sounding good as it was working with a lot of humming behind my voice. After troubleshooting myself and with my friend Leigh (who tried to help me via Gmail’s chat feature!), all it took in the end was to unplug the USB cable and plug it back in and it worked!

So I spent Saturday recording intros which I made into a clip show (Erk Pod 41) with old and new promos, intros etc. After this, I made episode 42. Sunday was spent watching Bathurst and also putting all the Show Notes on Blogger.

I was also pleased to be able to find two tunes that I loved a few years ago that I haven’t heard in a while. One was “Star Trekking Across the Universe” (you can hear it in Erk Pod 42) and the other one was the old Triple M radio theme.

On this site, you can view the Show Notes for each episode. Show Notes are a run down (or an episode synopsis, so to speak) of the episode. Now that I am on Blogger, I can add pictures and video as well to show you stuff that I may talk about in the podcast that you can’t see while you listen to it.

Apart from Show Notes, I will be posting blogs here as well in between episodes.

Now for a treat, partly based on the title of this blog. I found a Comic Book Guy sound board that is pretty funky. Everyone knows who the CBG is, right? And who gets this joke on a CBG t-shirt (below)?

Anyhoo, feel free to have a look around. Feel free to comment where needed and you can also Digg anything you need to!


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