More Star Trekking

I mentioned in yesterday’s* blog titled “Welcome to the Internet, my friend……” and also in Erk Pod 42 that I found the song “Star Trekking Across the Universe” by The Firm. Now to top if all off (and the reason for this quick blog before bed – I’m on arvos at the moment!), I have found the video clip for the song on You Tube. I don’t really recall seeing the clip before but here it is anyway……

* I get confused when on an arvo shift around this time from midnight until I go to bed because I have just got home from working on Monday so to me it is still (in a way) Monday until I go to bed, even if it does click over to Tuesday at some time during the shift or until I go to bed. So the blog “Welcome to the Internet, my friend” (you know the one, the one with the pics of Comic Book Guy) was written on Monday and according to my system so is this blog but in real time, it is now Tuesday because it is 2am Eastern time here in Australia.

Anyhoo, I am off to bed…….

While I’m on an outer space theme, who knows what the above picture is? I took that photo in 2005. Feel free to comment with a guess!


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