My personal Corsa (ACT) Rally preview

This weekend, I will be an official at another rally in Canberra, this time the “Corsa Di Mille Pinni- Race of 1000 Pines”. If anyone reading this would like to help out, let me know and I will let you know what you need to do.

Held over two days (Saturday and Sunday), the expectations about this event are increasing as it draws near. Known as the Giro D’Inverno last year (or more commonly as Giro or Starmart last year), this was the event that I made my debut as an official at last year.

This year I don’t have the luxury of going down from Sydney to Canberra after a super-duper early morning shift but this time I leave after a afternoon shift. This will be followed by a super-duper early morning shift on Monday (and I had to fight to get the Sunday off!) so this will be an interesting weekend in more ways than one.

The following You Tube videos from this year’s Rally of Canberra will give you some idea of what to expect this weekend. The second and third videos is the infamous “Mineshaft” and a big off that happened that made a lot of shows on TV and shows you what CAN happen.



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