"Calling Driver Stevie Wonder……."

The photo that I took of myself (left) in Driver’s School at the end of 2004 shows what my normal glasses look like. I am short sighted so that’s the opposite name to what it actually is. Therefore, it is my medium and long vision that is affected.

These type of glasses are great and I learnt early that it is good to get transition coating fitted to the lenses. You can can see that the lenses are partly tinted in the photo on the left but they are not as dark as they could be in full sun.

Anyhoo, I usually use these glasses most of the time unless I am doing a lot of driving in the daylight or am doing an outdoor activity for a long time. Then I use my scripted sunnies which are a lot darker. They look cool as well and when I wear them, I don’t feel that I have a vision problem merely because of the fact that people with 20/20 vision wear these type of sunglasses.

Sometimes what happens is that my driving is half daylight, half night. If the night bit is first (ie super-duper early mornings), I won’t usually worry about the sunglasses. If the day bit is first, I might take both pairs of glasses but wear the sunnies first. All of this assumes, of course, that the sun is actually out and bright enough to justify sunnies.

From time to time though, I wear the sunnies and forget to take the other pair. Then when it gets dark, I have to keep wearing the sunnies (see photo on the left) because my vision is crap without them. I usually call this my Stevie Wonder phase. I first remember doing this while doing some work with the RFS at a Carols by Candlelight night at Rooty Hill. Lucky for me, the venue lighting etc was bright enough so I could see and that it wasn’t totally dark. I find that if it is a normal street, things aren’t too bad because you still have headlights.

Last night, I did it again. The normal glasses were in my car and I only had the Stevie Wonder specials on. A female driver sheepishly asked me “you do realise that you have your sunglasses on, don’t you?” It was about 8pm at this stage and there was thunderbolts and lightening (very very frightening!) in this distance and here I am wearing my Stevie Wonders. However my mate Mr Westinghouse saw me with the Wonders on and being used to me, didn’t say a thing….

And yes, the blonde mullet (who I partly blame on the Weaponette, but that’s another story for another time!) has gone……


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