Erk Pod 43 – Show Notes

Who Wants To Be A Million Dollar Idiot (…..and more)

Erk Pod episode 43 – 43 minutes
Photo: A bird sits on a parking sign in Hobart.

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 43. Note that it is a total fluke that episode 43 goes for 43 minutes!

In this episode:

  • Housekeeping – There is a new site at (ie here) where you can view all Show Notes from all episodes. Some episodes’ Show Notes feature images and/or video from the subject matter than can’t be shown in a audio podcast.
  • Time for a Song – “Touch the Sky” by The Sky Project from The Podsafe Audio Network
  • Ipodding Across The Universe – Looking at the various Nova radio stations here in Australia. There are links on the Erk Pod site (ie here, on the left hand side of the page).
  • “Say What?” – Million Dollar Note guy, Copyright on the “O” word, tips for people new to Texas
  • Erk Sport – Bathurst review.

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