Erk on the Gold Coast, Indy 2006

Day 1 (Tuesday) – Drivers and Surfers

Nice flight up to Coolie. Got a cab to Erk GCHQ (hereafter EGCHQ, Kirra on the Beach Resort) and the cabbie had a HUGE whinge that the fare (Airport to Kirra) was only 6 bucks something and that he lost his spot on the rank and now there were 24 cabs behind him who could get the big fares. Now if I knew where I was going and I didn’t have luggage I might have walked it in hindsight but I didn’t know where I was going and I had luggage so I reckon I’m entitled to get a cab.

Settled into EGCHQ and then went for a bus ride to Surfers, partly to have a look around, partly to remind myself about how long the bus rides to/from Indy could take. And for $69 per night compared to $150 or more at Surfers, I’m OK with the bus ride. It’s a good way to see the sights of the GC Highway and meet the locals. However, it has been a while since I did the complete Coolie – Surfers bus trip and it does take a while. On the plus side, the bus driver (that I ended up getting for both trips) was rather cute.

Not much has seemingly changed about Surfers with the exception of the Chev Ren. I don’t know if it is merely because I’m on holidays or not but the girls up here are rather nice, albeit seemingly in a lot of cases on the outside only.

I spend a couple of hours in Surfers and head back to EGCHQ with the cute bus driver. Unfortunately for me, I had to get off the bus and the bus (and it’s cute driver) motored off into the night. Had some nice fish and chips and then off to bed sans cute bus driver.

Day 2 – Wednesday. Exploding Borders & Miss Indy

Had a sleep in and was trying to take it nice and easy the day before Indy started. Went down to Coolie for the day. Not much has changed at the northern end but at the Southern end, it has just EXPLODED insert earth shattering ka-boom *here* around where the actual NSW/QLD border is. At one stage, I had my head and my heart in NSW but my arse in Queensland. They’ve installed a huge momument to mark the border now and there is no “Welcome to Queensland” sign any more.

I had lunch and then had a nice massage (thanks Olivia) before heading back to EGCHQ briefly and then off to Miss Indy. Unlike last year when I had the blonde mullet, I didn’t get on TV or get sledged by Mike Goldman so it must have been all about the hair, baby!

The contest was part sportswear (where the girls had to play dress-ups and try to convince the judges that they are sporty) and part swimwear (trying to convince the judges that they’d swim in these outfits, often bordering on lingerie. Indeed there was a couple of girls that seemingly wore the same baseball outfit, one in group 1 (first 20) and one in group 2 (second 20) but I’ll have to do a side by side photo comparsion when I get home for that one.

The girls were all hot in their own ways (not an ugly one amongst them, obviously) and it would have been a hard job being a judge *puts up hand* but I had to wonder at one of the prizes for the girl judged on the night to be the most sportiest and athletic girl there. One of the prizes for this girl who would have been a size 1 with f**k all body fat (insert lowest possible body fat figure *here*) got a fat blasterizer as a prize (Google “Wellbox” for more info). So are we saying to this winner (who by the way won the Miss Indy title, sorry for skipping ahead) “gee babe you are hot and the hottest chick here but here’s a fat blasterizer as a prize”

I am not sure if it was just me but the crowd seemed to be different this year and not as into it as last year and mainly of Mike’s jokes seemed to be wasted on the audience. I am wondering if that is partly because last year, they held the parade of drivers before this event so people were excited by this and then hung around to watch Miss Indy. Or are they simply over the concept? Who knows? I was certainly happy with what I saw and some of the shots on my camera looked great.

After the show, I went to McDonalds for dinner and for some reason even unknown to me, I decided to flex (like I said, no idea what I was thinking) at some girls there, not that it did me any good though! After another bus ride it was back to EGCHQ sans Miss Indy.

Thursday (Day 3, Indy Day 1) – Schoolies Day and bus dramas

On Thursdays at Indy, there are no Champ Cars or no V8 Supercars but there are school kids and their teachers (who were never as young or hot when I went to school!) in their thousands on an excursion. When I was at school, we didn’t go to the car races or anything good like that for an excursion. We had the regular year 7 trip to Canberra but that’s the subject of an upcoming blog.

I decided to work on my tan. Gee that was a mistake! As I type this on Wednesday after Indy, I am still suffering from that decision! My forearms are looking sweet though!

The support categories were good and I enjoyed being a spectator for once. I didn’t enjoy the long wait (90 or so minutes) to be able to get on a direct bus back to EGCHQ. Seemingly Surfside (who will be getting a strongly worded email from me when I get home and an education on the ability of other organisations to run express and additional services on their main corridors for special events) were running normal services and so there’d be about 8 Burleigh buses for each Coolie bus. This carried on for the whole weekend and was not helped by no supervision by the bus company. Probably this was my biggest bugbear about Indy.

Back to EGCHQ and basically straight to sleep sans hot teachers.

Friday (Day 4, Indy Day 2) – WOO HOO V8’s and Champ Cars!
Today saw the start of the action which a lot of people came to see. Due to my stupid attempt of working on my tan, I tried to spend as much time as possible in the shade. The action on the track was good and thankfully it was not as hot outside today. At the end of the day, I tried to upgrade for a covered grandstand for Saturday and Sunday but Ticketek wanted to basically charge me as if I’d been using the covered grandstand on Thursday and Friday as well and to me, that’s just not cricket. However next year at Indy, I will be either getting a covered grandstand or going the whole hog and getting an apartment/hotel room overlooking the track. Back to EGCHQ sans no one in particular.

Saturday (Day 5, Indy Day 3) – Racing and Dinner @ the Surf Club
Today saw the first of the V8 races and it was also much cooler which is good for me. I’m really suffering due to the heat (self-inflicted I know) so I’m not moving around the precinct like I did last year. I’m also enjoying simply watching the racing and the other entertainment.

After the racing, I headed back to the Surf Club across the road from EGCHQ for a nice steak then back to EGCHQ to watch some of the League test and then off to bed sans a life saver.

Sunday (Day 6, Indy Day 4) – More Racing, Go Team Australia, Backpackers and Panda Bears
Final day of Indy. Team Australia gets on the podium thanks to Tag and Will got shunted by Sebestian who reckons that it wasn’t his fault. Racing in all categories was good and once again it was good that the weather wasn’t too bad.

After racing finished, various people headed onto the track to walk around and to head back towards Surfers. The usual post-Indy antics were on display. I saw some girls dancing on the balcony of a Backpackers so I thought that they’d be up for what normally happens at Indy that guys look forward to (it’s a real case of the chicken and the egg, which came first? The guys who want to see boobies or the girls showing them?) but these girls were simply being teasers. A group of guys would come along, see the girls dancing and egg them on. The girls would dance for a bit and then nothing, the guys would then disappear and soon enough the next group of guys would come along. I thought I might as well watch because otherwise I’d simply be waiting for a bus anyways.

While waiting and looking up at the various balconies, I saw that there was a guy (I am presuming it was a guy!) dressed up as a Panda. It looked slightly like “Shirty the Slighty Aggressive Bear” from the Late Show and although he was quite a few floors up, he was quite clearly visible. At one stage I thought I was going to see more of a Panda than boobies but I did get to see some although not as much as last year.

I decided after a while to give the Backpacker Teasers a miss and was walking towards Surfers when I heard a guy using a megaphone. He was sitting with his mates on the fence of a resort and he just sitting in his chair with his mates enjoying a few coldies and enjoying the passing parade of people and vehicles that were passing by. With his megaphone, he was providing some entertainment. Not only was he on the lookout for hot chicks with the help of his mates who were acting as spotters, he was also having general fun with anyone who went past. So it wasn’t just a case of “show us your tits” and ignoring everyone and everything else. He’d see something about someone and just let rip, not always in a bad or demeaning way. So I just sat back and enjoyed the show with various one liners heard backwards and forwards between Megaphone Man and various people passing by. Maybe this guy should be a standup comedian although to be authentic to that Indy experience, he’d have to be sitting down with a megaphone and a few mates and a few beers. Thanks for some good laughs, Megaphone Man.

On the bus on the way back to EGCHQ, I met a couple of off-duty grid girls – they have to hand their uniforms back after each race! Also met a guy who said he was going to Currumbin but got off at Palm Beach instead. He is probably still walking to Currumbin as I type this!

Because of the time I got back to EGCHQ, I missed dinner at the Surf Club and at a couple of local eateries so it was off to Coolie to get some KFC. Back to EGCHQ sans backpacker teasers and thankfully sans Panda.

Monday (Day 7) – Polish Frenchwomen are hot! Relaxing after Indy
Had a nice sleepin after Indy. Did a bit of a clean-up of EGCHQ and even did some washing. Watched a bit of TV and then decided to have another massage, this time at “I Feel Good” at Kirra.

I was greeted by Sandra who had an accent to die for – you’ll see in another blog that I dig accents big time. I couldn’t tell where her accent was from but I thought that it was European but could not really narrow it down from there. I then decided it might have been French because she had some French (I think!!) words on her singlet.

For several years, I’d heard of float tanks but had never got around to doing it. I got ready and got the rules of the float explained to me and I climbed in the fully covered tank filled with body temperature salt water and floated and closed the door. After a while, I did not like the feeling of having the door closed as it felt like I was floating in a coffin so I opened the door. I enjoyed the floating but not with the door closed. I later found out that this sort of feeling isn’t one that I alone had had.

Floating over, I had the best massage of my life. Sometimes I like my massages to be relaxing and silent but for obvious reasons, there was lots of talking and I found out that Sandra is actually Polish and although she’d studied French, she had no idea what was written on her top except that I was correct that it was French. Despite all this, the massage was just what I neeeded and I really need to find a good massager when I get home and stick with it – hopefully the next person I find won’t disappear into thin air!

Back to EGCHQ and then to the Surf Club for tea and then back to EGCHQ for sleep sans Polish massager.

Tuesday (Day 8) – Going back for more Polish massage. Walked from NSW to Queensland. Blog Day. Boys.
Another relaxing day after Indy and in energy conserving mode for Rally Australia on the weekend. Today I walked from NSW to Queensland. OK, so I walked about 500m in NSW on the Tweed Heads side and 500m on the Coolie side in QLD but I still did it. Off to an interweb cafe to check emails and start this blog (I am now writing this from an interweb cafe at Roma Street, Brisbane) as I didn’t want emails to bounce because my inbox was full. Only had 410 emails waiting for me.

Back to Sandra in the arvo for a longer massage and I’m starting to feel a little looser than before although she has a talent for finding tense spots I didn’t know that I had. Another fine massage but I decided against having a float.

Back to Coolie where I decided I was going to have a quiet night watching Mick Molloy’s new movie Boytown. Basically without giving too much of the story away, Mick, Glenn Robbins (I fondly remember him as Colin Carpenter) and Bob Franklin (Mick’s sidekick in Bad Eggs) and a couple of guys I’ve never heard of were a boy band in the 80’s called Boy Town. They decide to get back together and become a mature aged boy band. Normally I can’t stand boy bands or their music but because it was a comedy with this line up, I quite enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the DVD extras!

I didn’t like the way the movie ended (no spoiler) as it was a strange way to end it. It was a bit sad in the end, actually. But I did get something from this movie that I might take into my personal life that the characters in the movie found – I think I have been going for the wrong demographic in terms of the women that I like. Briefly, it might be betterer to change my focus and while the younger girls are fine to look at, I am after more than simply something to look at. Best this be left to another blog though.

Back to EGCHQ for a bit of TV (enjoyed a piece on a Dutton Rally) and then sleep sans hot English middle aged former singer.

My next blog will probably be this time next week from Perth after Rally Australia. I am transiting at the moment in BrisVegas writing this blog before my flight tonight.


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