Roaming interweb

A few weeks ago, I went to the mid North Coast of NSW. Today I got my phone bill covering the period and I almost fell over when I saw the amount. Let’s just say that the amount was HUGE – well and truly in the 3 figure bracket!

I didn’t use the phone much while I was up there, in fact my usage was probably less than normal had I been working. However what got me was using the interweb with my phone as a modem. Normally that is fine because as part of my package I pay a little extra to enable me to do that. But as I found out today after calling my phone company, this only applies if I am in THEIR coverage area. But because I was outside their zone and was roaming on another network, the figure was ridiculously high. I don’t mind paying the coin as I don’t have a leg to stand on although it could have been a lot more expensive for me. It was probably in the small print but not something that I’d thought of before – after all if I have interweb access via my phone, I’d previously thought that it was fine but if I am roaming, obviously not.

An important lesson has been learnt albeit at a LARGE cost. Having said that though, the ironic thing was that I was under my monthly allowance but because I was roaming, my monthly allowance did not apply.



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2 responses to “Roaming interweb

  1. Steph

    Hey Aspro!
    Long time no read. How cool that you’re blogging too :)

    Hope to read more of you soon and that you’re keeping well.

    cheers big ears!

  2. Erk

    Woo hoo my first blog comment! Thanks heaps, Steph! ;)

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