EP eps 45/46, VMU Forum, 1st Comment!

Erk Pod episodes 45 and 46 are coming and will be recorded on Tuesday night. One of these episodes will feature the usual Erk Pod episode segments. To celebrate Erk Pod signing up with the Podsafe Music Network, the other episode will feature some music as well as Erk bits. Show Notes will of course follow each episode.

While I am here I’d like to mention the new forum that I am taking part in. The Vote Me Up podcast now has a forum. So you can view all the Show Notes as well as vote and comment on each episode on the VMU website. You can interact with the hosts Tom, Lara & Marie as well as other listeners, give suggestions etc on the VMU forum. See you there!

Also, I’d like to mention that over the weekend, I got my first blog comment on here! Thanks to Steph (who I have known online for several years!) for commenting. Her blog “Much Ado About Sumthin‘” is definitely worth a read as it is funny, honest, educational & shocking – often all at once! Tell her Aspro sent you! If anyone would like to comment on anything I’ve written, feel free!


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