I hate computers sometimes!

On Tuesday night, I recorded episodes 45 and 46 of Erk Pod. The total time for this including recording and editing was about 4 hours. Then I planned to sync my iPod and then head to bed.

That was a nice plan however iTunes did not want to play ball. It would run for about 30 seconds and then it would not respond and it would hang. Of course, I wanted to try and solve the problem tonight so I could just get up and go to work in the morning.

So I Googled the error code. Various Vista forums advised to check the plug-ins installed in Interweb Explorer, even though I run Firefox. So I did this. I also checked the plug-ins for Firefox, just in case and also the audio file associations. Still no joy.

Then I thought I’d uninstall and re-install iTunes. Still no joy. I even tried to run iTunes in Windows XP mode and tried to boost the priority for the program. Nope.

I even did a system restore. Still crap. So about 3 hours later, I called stumps for the evening and went to bed.

After a nice sleep, I woke up. I tried to download and run older versions of iTunes. Nope. Then I thought “stuff iTunes, I’ll try this Juice podcatcher I’d heard of.” Juice (ironically with a lemon for a logo) doesn’t work with Vista.

So then I had to head to work. I don’t think they’d accept “I am having computer problems” as an excuse for a sickie. Before I left for work, I left a post on the Vote Me Up forum. I was hoping for a suggestion by the time I got home.

So while I was at work (and frankly struggling a little without my podcasts to listen to!), I got onto my mobile interweb and I had an answer that I hadn’t thought of (thanks Diz!) which involved re-formatting my computer and/or getting a Mac. I didn’t want to have to re-format as the lappie is relatively new to me.

Then the answer came to me from Tom. He reminded me that it might not be iTunes that is the program but Quicktime that basically runs with it. So he suggested to un-install Quicktime and re-install it and then do the same for iTunes. Now I had to wait until I got home to try it.

Thankfully, I got home and did what Tom suggested and thankfully, it worked. iTunes is running as designed so I am only to believe that the problem was something to do with iTunes, Quicktime or both. No matter, problem solved and I can go to bed a happy man. Ok, so I’m easily pleased sometimes!

Sometimes all it needs is a fresh set of eyes. This particular clown thought that he could solve the problem and hindsight is a wonderful thing but I’m glad that Tom had the suggestion that I didn’t think of! Cheers, mate!


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