Wii’ing all over Squeak’s Lounge Room

On Friday night, I had my first look at and play of the Nintendo Wii. I have never owned a Nintendo system before as for several years, I have been a Playstation man. My only exposure to the Wii (apart from the media reports and the stupid name with the various wee jokes) was the occasional TV program.

For anyone who hasn’t used the Wii like me (I’m a poet and I don’t even know it!), you set up a sensor and use the Wii controller to simulate whatever sport it is that you are doing. Sometimes you use a button as well but at other times you don’t, you merely swing the controller.

I didn’t go into the night with high expectations but it was really fun. I might just add that it is also a workout and a half! Obviously you need a lot of space and it is better if you have a human opponent. And yes, I did get competitive!

I played tennis and while serving was surprisingly easy, it was probably the hardest to play. Baseball was really fun and I hit a homer so to celebrate I did a lap of honour around Squeak’s lounge room. Pitching was really cool as well.

Another game that was cool was boxing and it was probably the most physical of the lot. You connect another thingo to the controller and hold the controller in one hand and the thingo in the other and you can punch on with both hands or defend yourself as well. That game made me sweat!

Golf was OK too except I need to practice how not to whack the crap out of the ball at every chance, especially the closer I get to the pin. But on the first hole, I did a chip shot from the rough near the green and like you see in a sports show highlights package, it went nicely in the hole (with the flag still in it!) Hurrah!

Bowling was cool as well and it was good like the real thing. There was a training mode when you start with 10 pins and then for each throw, they add 10 pins. So on the second go, you are aiming at 20 pins and so on which is great novelty value. All I want to try is my famous bowling impersonation to see if it will work…….

The last game that I will comment on is the cow racing game which I joked was supposed to be a horse riding game but the horses all have the horse flu so they can’t race. It is a game of getting objects on the way rather than first past the post. My strategy of riding the cow like a motorbike didn’t quite work.

I enjoyed Wii’ing for the first time and I’m sure I’ll get to do it again but having said that, I am not going to rush out and buy one.


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