Big Brother’s Big News – GRETEL BONED!

As some of you may know, I did a series of podcasts about Big Brother called “Erk to the Diary Room” this year which was a part of Erk Pod. Normally I don’t care about or report BB news in the “off season” but this is big news.

As reported in today’s Sunday Terrorgraph, there has been a boning over at BB HQ.

“It’s time to go……GRETEL!”

Many fans thought during this year’s season that it might be time for Gretel and BB to part ways and that has been the case. BB08 will be the first season without Gretel when the show commenced here in Australia in 2001. What person is replacing her?

In fact, there is not one person replacing Gretel but two. No, it isn’t Mike Goldman and Bree Amer or Frysie (in any combination). Unfortunately in my opinion, the duo in question is Kyle and Jackie O from the radio show of the same name. Not forgetting of course that Kyle is on Australian Idol but I avoid the radio station that these two people appear on like the plague because I do not like them.

A constant criticism of BB from some fans (me included) is that it is aimed at the teenage girl (aka tween) market but it should not be a tween show. Now I predict that it is going to get worse as no doubt Austereo (the owners of the network that Kyle and Jackie O work for) will promote that station and there will be a high amount of cross promotion more than usual between the two networks. So if it was a tween show this year, it will be even worse next year?

This is of course not to mention Kyle’s disgraceful performance when he was invited into this year’s BB house for a weekend. He carried on like a twat, as he was either acting like a princess or a spoilt brat. One year he goes against all the BB rules and then next year he is hosting the flipping thing?

While Gretel was heavily criticized for various things during the 7 seasons on BB that she hosted, she has been one constant all the way through. She has outlasted two “Big Big Brothers” and seen countless HM’s come and go. But now, it is time to go ……………. GRETEL


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