Erk Pod 51 – Show Notes

Respond to a smoke sighting at 69 Great Western Highway, Podcastville.

Erk Pod episode 51 – 53 minutes
Photo: Erk placing a firehose into the Nepean River during a training exercise.

Welcome to episode 51 of Erk Pod. In this episode:

  • Serious Story #1 – Football scrum leads to tragedy
  • Serious Story #2 – not much detail there, I piked out at the last minute. I might do a blog later Wednesday night on the subject.

  • Housekeeping – Erk finds a way to play sound effects while recording rather than in post-production. It is a cool program called Ready DJ where I can allocate hot keys and have a display on the screen of which keyboard button plays what sounds. It seems to be working OK with my gear but I’ll keep working on it. If it makes post production easier and shorter, it will be worth it. I’ll be able to add segment intros etc live rather than add it in post production.
  • Ipodding Across the Universe – Where has Squeak Pod gone?
  • Ipodding Across the Universe – Vote Me Up update
  • Ipodding Across the Universe – Erk on Wasting Time again (includes clip). I’m pleased to hear that Richard’s audience has spiked after I featured his podcast on Erk Pod episode 47.
  • Ipodding Across the Universe – Reality Cast review. The hosts mentioned me after I did an iTunes review but read the wrong review (oops!) but they did play me a song!
  • Ipodding Across the Universe – oops, forgot to mention that I now listen to This Week in Tech (TWiT) and Diggnation (Dig with 2 G’s, as I joked in Erk Pod episode 49). I think I’ll leave the TWiT drinking game for a separate post. I hope that you don’t play a similar drinking game with me! Actually I heard on TWiT that the people behind Digg wanted to be but that was taken so they decided on and the rest, it’s history.

The music from the Podsafe Music Network on this episode is of the “nerdcore” genre. No, I didn’t know what it was, either. So I Googled and I found the results on Wiki. Wiki tells me that it is basically hip hop by nerds or with subjects of interest to nerds.

Songs were:

* (My Glasses Are) Too Thick – Rocket Propelled Geeks

* Comic Shop Rock – Logic One

Have you noticed a theme throughout the episode? Don’t call 000 (Australia), 111 (New Zealand), 112 (GSM mobiles & also the EU, I believe), 911 (America & Canada) or 999 (UK) if you have the answer but comment here!


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