A big 4 days of episodes!

Photo: “Way out” directional graphic, Clyde railway station
I have just had a huge 4 days of recording Erk Pod episodes. Normally my aim is for a minimum of 1 episode per week but for the last couple of weeks, I have been recording two episodes one after the other on a Tuesday night.

However this week, I have recorded 4 episodes! Episode 49 was on Sunday afternoon recorded at Squeak HQ. That was a lot of fun! Episode 50 was the special 50th episode of Erk Pod and that was recorded on Monday night after work. It contained highlights of the first 50 episodes.

Then on Tuesday night after work (very early Wednesday morning) I recorded episode 51 and then on Wednesday night I recorded episode 52.

However I have been working on how to play sound effects live while recording rather than in post production and episode 52 was the first episode that had all the sounds inserted live rather than afterwards. This did speed up the whole production process.

While it was a lot of work, it was a lot of fun. I probably would not do that all the time but it was fun but it also allowed me to talk a lot (really? Thank you, Captain Obvious!) but I wanted to get the live sounds sorted ASAP and the extra episodes helped speed that up.

Next fortnight I may be working super duper early morning shifts at work and if that occurs, that will mean that there will be a change to when I record episodes. I am still looking at recording at least one episode per week however the times and release times would be different.

So there is a lot of Erk Pod to listen to this week, enjoy!


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