Behind the Scenes at an Emergency Call Centre

Photo: A Police Officer keeps watch during a rescue demonstration, Rescue Expo 2006.

Watch this before you call your local emergency number. This video that I found on You Tube is from New Zealand but the same basic principles apply regardless of if you are in Woy Woy, Wellington, Wembley or Washington. The number might be different but the general idea isn’t – you need help, the comms people need info from you to get you the right help for you. But unfortunately there isn’t a cop on every corner…..

Having done a similar job full time in the past and doing a smaller volunteer version of this in fire related communications, this sort of footage is rarely seen by the public but you should be amazed about how calm quality operators can be under pressure.

If you do have to call your emergency number, listen to the operator and answer the questions. Follow any instructions given. Try to stay calm (easier said than done!). Give as much relevant information as you can.


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