Erk Pod 53 – Show Notes

Erk Pod episode 53 – 84 minutes
Photo: Adjusting the light for a V8 Supergirl shoot, Eastern Creek Raceway

Emo Erk, Emotional Erk and more Erk. Call me, call me now!

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 53. On this episode:

  • Housekeeping – Listen to Erk Pod on the website. Voice mail line now open. Listen out for Erk’s bad impersonation of a phone sex girl. You can now listen to Erk Pod on the website.
  • Ipodding Across the Universe – G’day World. I found this podcast on the weekend while searching for Australian podcasts. I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes so it is too early for a big review yet.
  • DVD Watch – SG1 10 season box set, Kath & Kim, Thank God You Are Here season 3, Simpsons Movie, E Street – Mr Bad part 2, Family Guy and Star Trek massive box sets
  • Erk Gets Serious – Violence in Sydney. Out of control or media beat up? If you aren’t hot, does anyone care? And would Kate McCann be punching out number plates by now if she wasn’t middle to upper class and hot? (see story on website “Don’t Feed the Models – if you aren’t ticking boxes, no one cares”)
  • Music: Erk goes Emo. “My Mess” by Tuesday, “Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner” by Fall Out Boy & “I don’t believe there’s snow in London” by Lokata.
  • TV: Not just an excuse for Erk to play the “Assault” or “How Come” soundbytes. Police 10-7 has been moved from the CI channel to Fox 8. Foxtel, leave your channels alone!

This episode could also be the  “ERK HATES SUPER DUPER EARLY MORNINGS!”

edition of Erk Pod.



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2 responses to “Erk Pod 53 – Show Notes

  1. Squeak!!

    Gday mate!! I love the “super dooper early mornings” Thats when im listening to this podcast

  2. Erk

    Squeak, come to Blue Depot and take my super duper early mornings off me! I don’t mind the working but I’m so not a morning person as you know! You’ll need to listen to the songs on episode 56! ;)

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