Erk Pod 54 – Show Notes

Erk Pod episode 54 – 44 minutes
Photo: Erk’s Subaru Forester, the recording studio for episode 54

The “Let’s Help Keep Erk Awake” Roadcast

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 54, recorded in Erk’s car (the Subaru Forester, left) on his way home from working super duper early mornings the day after episode 53 was recorded. Needless to say, Erk was extremely tired and so he recorded this episode (in what some people would call a “Road Cast”) handsfree. This episode was recorded on Erk’s Digital Voice Recorder.

On this episode:

  • Erk explains how he got his DVR working again.
  • Erk sings a new version of the “Ipodding Across the Universe” theme for BJ.
  • Erk talks about the first cricket test match was beaten in the TV ratings by Judge Judy.
  • Erk tells you a good place to hold a Problem Gaming Forum.
  • Erk gives you a good tip on how to increase your knowledge of your brain power and a good tool for staying awake.
  • What phrase did Erk overuse in episode 53?
  • Erk’s people should talk to BJ’s people.


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6 responses to “Erk Pod 54 – Show Notes

  1. Ben

    I will have my people get in touch with your people.


  2. Squeak!!

    I like the old Ipodding accross the universe theme a little better

  3. Erk

    Erk’s people spoke to BJ’s people and BJ and Squeak will have to listen to Erk Pod 57 to hear what I did with the song today! :)

    Thanks, boys!

  4. Squeak

    Very very very sexy!!!!!!

  5. Erk

    When you’ve listened to episodes 56 and 57, please call me, Squeak! Call me, now! :P

  6. Ben

    Great werk Erk.

    I will have my people send your people an invoice for creative content. :-)


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