Erk Pod 56 – Show Notes

Erk Pod episode 56 – 64 minutes
Photo: DANGER! Watch out for those moving trains, Erk!

New Beginnings, Super Duper Early Mornings

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 56. On this episode:

  • Housekeeping: Erk moves to Podshow. Due to uploading issues, the last episode to be uploaded to was Erk Pod 54. See the front page of the website for updates. Also, Erk is looking for guest co-hosts and guest interviewees.
  • NEW SEGMENT – Erk Podding Across the Podosphere. Erk sent some promos to other podcasters and is awaiting feedback. Hopefully, the next episode will contain some feedback.
  • NEW SEGMENT – In the Ghetto. Erk finds some funky words at – see the Chris Croker “leave Britney alone” and the “don’t tase me, bro” videos from You Tube below.

“Leave Britney Alone”

“Don’t tase me, bro”

  • NEW SEGMENT – Erk Gets Serious. Erk talks politics with the Federal Election next weekend.
  • Time for a Song – Music from the Podsafe Music Network. This week at work I am on super-duper early mornings (have I mentioned that I hate them!) so the theme is “mornings”. Songs are:

“See You In the Morning” – Dirty Looks

“3 o’clock in the morning” – M80’s

“Don’t Do Mornings” – Colin Mc Kay

“The Morning After” – Any Day in June.

  • NEW SEGMENT – Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home. Preview of upcoming Erk Pod events and episodes.

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