Erk Pod 57 – Show Notes

Erk Pod episode 57 – 73 minutes
Photo: Climbing a sand dune after surfing on sand, Lancelin (Western Australia). I did it (although not in this photo!) and it was a lot of fun going down the hill but I struggled going up the hill!

“You Are Feeling Sleepy” Edition

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 57.

In this episode:

  • Housekeeping – came good (finally!) but I will still be moving to Podshow and ask everyone to change their feed to the Podshow feed if possible. I am still waiting for the Podshow feed to appear on iTunes.
  • Erk in Tech – Erk updates the software in his Nokia N95
  • Erk Pod Drinking Game
  • Erk Gets Serious – Following on the “don’t tase me, bro” guy from Erk Pod 56, I discuss what the Police did in that circumstances and what the public, media and justice system expect from Police in that circumstance. Here’s footage from You Tube, judge for yourself!
  • Erk Podding Across the Podosphere – One of my promos was used as the opening promo on episode 34B of Richard Jeffries’ podcast “Wasting Time”. Thanks, Richard!
  • Ipodding Across the Universe – The 2007 Podcast Awards.
  • In the Ghetto – Heard of Googling? Erk “Urban Dictionarys” himself!
  • Music – sleepy theme. Erk should really be in bed after working and mowing the grass in his jungle.

AMAN – Sleepy

Danielle French – Sleepy Truck

MDL – Sleepy Song

  • Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home – Preview of upcoming episodes. I hope you enjoyed the new promos!

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