The things you see!

Photo: The Commonwealth Bank used to be an Australian Government owned bank but was sold off. This sign I saw in Perth seems to say that Australians can’t go to this particular branch in the centre of the city.

On Monday I went out for a drive with my mate Drue (waves) and we were walking through Westiefield at Mt Druitt. Now I am used to walking through Westiefield at Penrith, Westiepoint at Blacktown and on occasions Westiefield at Parramatta but I usually avoid the one at Mt Druitt. It’s more of a Mt Druitt thing more than anything. I was actually surprised but the limited part of the centre we walked through was nice. I’ve only been there a couple of times. Come to think of it, the last time I walked through there, it wasn’t even a Westiefield.

Anyhoo, I like stores that have a cute name or a play on words. I also like interesting and unusual signs or where I can work a sign’s subject and its surroundings into the photo. The airline Virgin Blue are infamous for it. The photo on the left is one such example from the Sunshine Coast Airport in Queensland.

One such place with a cute name we walked past was called “Hairport” which was a hairdressing salon. Everything was airline themed. For instance, their price list was called an “In Flight Menu”. The frame of the mirror had “Hairport” and also “fasten your seatbelts” written around the mirror. There could have been more but we didn’t have time to look.

Then we were driving back to Erk HQ when we were at the traffic lights at the Colyton Hotel (incidentally, the car park where I took my first Forester photos) and next to us we saw that in the next lane, there was an L plater in something like a Hyundai Excel. Nothing too strange about that but on the rear driver’s side door, they had sticky taped an L plate to the door! That’s right, an L plate was sticky taped to the door! You only have to put one L plate on the back and one on the front of the car (motorcycles rear only).

Sometimes you see cars with more than one L plate on the back but more often than not this is with driving school cars. But I have never seen someone sticky tape an L plate to a side door! It would not look so strange on a race or a rally car that has stickers everywhere but on a normal road car, it does!

I thought I’d have to get a photo to prove this and I didn’t have long to get a shot. But by the time I got my phone out and the lens cover open and aimed, the car was about to take off and I took a nice photo of my thumb! Damm! So what I did was to do something in a cheaper (but still good!) version of Photoshop showing what the photo might have been like to show you how strange it looked and here it is.


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