Erk Pod Bingo

Photo – Old habits die hard, super duper early morning Erk!

I’ve noticed that during my podcasts that I tend to use a lot of the same expressions and phrases. So in order to improve, I’ve decided to list some of these terms to try to stop using them or at least cut down on their use. So feel free to play Erk Pod Bingo with me and during each episode, let’s see how many of these expressions you hear. If you hear one, cross it off your list. Some of these things (example, the website address) will have to stay, though!

In no order here is the list of words or phrases you are listening out for:

  • Anyhoo
  • Basically
  • “That will be interesting”
  • “I’ll be interested to see”
  • “Cart it up” (me saying it, not Fifi and Marty)
  • Website address
  • Email
  • My Skype number
  • Squeak
  • BJ
  • “All Erk, all the time”
  • Interesting
  • Anyway
  • Super duper early mornings
  • “Did I mention that I hate super duper early mornings?”
  • Erk Pod
  • Podsafe Music Network
  • Podshow

Can you think of any more? If so, comment here. If you cross off every one of those things during the same episode, please let me know! It’s all in fun……….


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