Another look at the Federal Election

It is just after 2pm Eastern Summer Time on the day of the Federal Election and I must admit that I am so over the whole thing, even though I have watched so little TV and listened to so little Australian radio. Podcasts on the other hand……….

Anyhoo, I got directed to the following You Tube video. Whoever made this has done an outstanding job! Who said that political coverage (yes, I am looking at you, Australian media!) has to be boring?

And I had to laugh at a line in the Terrorgraph this morning which said (my paraphrasing) that the only place that you can write your only election result blog is on their website! To quote Homer Simpson “they have the internet on computers now?” Oh that’s right, the only people who blog have a column in a newspaper! How stupid of me, I must be sleep deprived! I wonder how Blogger handles sarcasm tags?


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