It’s raining, it’s pouring, Erk will be snoring. Erk Pod episode 58 announcement

Today is Saturday and it is the last day of my fortnight of super duper early mornings. It’s not the work that I don’t like but it is the going to bed early and the getting up early that isn’t me. There are some people who love the early morning shifts and good luck to them. They are obviously used to them but I am SO not a morning person!

Anyhoo, tonight I was going to go to the speedway to watch amongst other things, a Demolition Derby. The demo derbies are a lot of fun but unfortunately for me (but fortunately for the environment!), it has been raining all day today on and off. It is a gray old day outside at the moment.

I was going to have a nanna nap when I got home from work in order to go to the speedway but seeing as though I’m not going unless there is a massive change in the weather, I’ll stay awake for as long as possible. Tomorrow I start a fortnight of late afternoons. Whatever I do, I know that I will not be watching the various election coverages tonight.

Who would know that it is almost summer here? Then again, we do need the rain.

I am almost due to record another episode of Erk Pod which will be episode 58. I may record the episode tomorrow (Sunday), after work early in the morning during the week or on my next day off on Friday. I have not decided yet. I know though that I definately will not be recording one this afternoon unless you want to hear me snore or sound very flat………


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