Erk Pod 59 – Show Notes

Erk Pod episode 59 – 64 minutes
Photo: I swear that I did not alter this station sign!

The train on platform 1 stops at all stations to London

Welcome to Erk Pod 59. On this episode:

  • No music on this episode because Erk went over his interweb download limit for the limit. Ooops!
  • Play Erk Pod bingo!
  • Erk Sport – preview of the final round of the V8 Supercar Championship here in Australia and the World Rally Championship in Wales.
  • Erkpodding Across the Podosphere – Reality Cast played an Erk ad in their Australian Idol Finale edition.
  • Ipodding Across the Universe – Erk has heaps of podcasts to listen to over summer & Christmas. “G’day World” is reviewed.
  • Things You Overhear on Trains
  • The voice of London Underground punted. Erk auditions for the role and explains how it is done.
  • Music will return in Erk Pod 60.
  • How did you go with Erk Pod Bingo?


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3 responses to “Erk Pod 59 – Show Notes

  1. richard

    I am pulling for Gronholm for the WRC title. I will not be able to see the V8 supercars until Speed channel shows them in about two months at some strange hour. The Nascar series, USA, turned into a joke, in my opinion, with the car of tomorrow and the chase for the championship. Thanks again for the intros and the snowman vs. train is great.

    Richard Jeffries

  2. Erk

    G’day Richard

    I thought you’d like the intros and the snowman. I also read the other day that next year, we’ll be able to see NASCAR without needing Pay TV again.

    I’d love Marcus to win his final event!

  3. Ben

    There is NOOOOOOOOOOO Bingo.


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