Emma Clarke update

Earlier on in the week I posted about Emma Clarke (the voice of the London Underground) getting punted (at least partly) because of her spoof underground announcements. I speak more about this on Erk Pod episode 59 that is currently being uploaded.

The story has grown and has gone global. The website went into meltdown going from a normal day of around 3000 visitors a day to 330 000 per day before it was shut down. It is now Thursday morning (Sydney time) and the website is now back up and running complete with information from the woman herself about the events of the last few days. It seems as though my prediction was right when I said earlier in the week that it could work out well for Emma in the end with more work offerings heading her way.

As usually is the case, there is a Facebook group that has been set up and also there is a You Tube video as well that someone posted (see below) about the issue as well. Somehow though, I don’t think that this guy will be getting a TV gig like Chris Crocker. He made a pro-Britney Spears You Tube video where he says “leave Britney alone!”

Let’s hope that LU see sense. They need to talk to Emma and sort it out (one way or the other!) and then they need to get back to work and the bigger issues like…… I don’t know ……… running trains ……… or something!

It’s also a handy reminder not to believe everything you read in the media!


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