Episode 60 announcement

Photo – I like drinking Pepsi so I buy it in bulk when it is cheap.

Tomorrow (Monday) I am planning to record episode 60 of Erk Pod. I’ve got my broadband connection back so I’ll be able to play some music as part of the show. And if anyone knows where I can get Pepsi cubes on the cheap (sub $10, preferably!) without me needing to go onto eBay, let me know!



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2 responses to “Episode 60 announcement

  1. Ben

    … and if anyone finds such “cubes” but with cans of Bundy Rum and Cola for under $10 then please let BJ know as a matter of dire urgency.

  2. Erk

    I didn’t know Bundy came in cubes, BJ! Then again, my drinking stories lately could fit onto a postage stamp and still have room to spare! :P

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