Erk on Twitter!

I have resisted temptation and I am now a member of Twitter! Twitter is part social network, part messenger. What I can do is to tell you what I am doing either via the interweb or from my mobile phone. What makes Twitter special is that you are restricted to 140 characters. With a widget or via code, you can put your Twitter feed on your website, Myspace, Facebook or anywhere else you can put code. So I can tell you what I am doing via all of those websites at once by using one site.

So you can follow what I am doing by looking for “Erk’s Twitter Updates” on the left hand side of this and every page of this site. I won’t be putting every single thing I am doing but if I’m on the interweb anyway, I’ll try to especially if it is interesting. I have it set so you see my last 10 Twitter messages.

You can also find other people via Twitter and see what they are doing as well. You can receive text messages for people on your Twitter list or follow them in other ways. So if I am at Westiefield and put “I’m at Westiefield” it will tell you when I put that message online and then you might see it if you are at Westiefield or you might decide to ring me to tell me you are coming to Westiefield and do I want to have lunch?


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