Erk Pod 62 and 63 – Show Notes. “Erk Around Australia” parts 1 & 2

Erk Pod episode 62 – 36 minutes. Part 1 – Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, South Australia, Perth/Western Australia, Northern Territory.

Erk Pod episode 63 – 59 minutes.Part 2 – Northern Territory, Queensland. Erk’s dream of a massive road trip. Erk’s list of overseas destinations.

Photo – No, it’s not a beach but a dry river bed during dry season in northern Western Australia (south of Carnarvon.)

Welcome to episodes 62 & 63 of Erk Pod. These mobile episodes (62 is a Road Cast, 63 is a Train Cast) were inspired by a section of the latest episode of the “Wasting Time” podcast where host Richard Jefferies compares his weather in Chicago to my weather here in Sydney. So I thought I’d do a special about some of my experiences around Australia. I hope you enjoy this special 2 part look at “Erk Around Australia”.

Photo – Busselton Jetty – Western Australia

Photo – A Heritage City Circle Tram in traffic in the centre of Melbourne.


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