Erk Pod 64 – Show Notes

Erk Pod episode 64 – 34 minutes
Photo: A bus (not a Nightmare bus in the middle of the day!) at Liverpool Railway Station.

Road Cast. Nightmare buses, Roadwork, Crappy Cars & More

Welcome to episode 64 of Erk Pod.

This is another Road Cast edition and was the 3rd episode recorded on the same day. On this episode:

  • Summary of “Erk Around Australia” special (episodes 62 & 63)
  • Is it Sunday night or Monday morning?
  • Catching a “Nightmare” bus”
  • Road work – are you going too fast right now?
  • Mrs Erk version 1.0’s crappy car and the very faulty speedo


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2 responses to “Erk Pod 64 – Show Notes

  1. Ben

    Regarding the accuracy of speedos.

    Your GPS is more accurate than your speedo.

    According to various posts on the website , Foresters (and other Subarus?) appear to share this speedo anomaly:

    The speedo is accurate to 60km/h, after which it becomes increasingly ‘conservative’ the faster you go.

    If you compare this with your GPS you will find this is the case, and to do a true 110km/h I have to get my Forester’s speedo up to about 118-119km/h.

    If I set the cruise control and go past one of these roadworks signs, the speed on the roadworks sign always equals that of the GPS.

    There is a post on that website from a member who questioned this with Subaru USA, who wrote back and said their vehicles deliberately over-state the true speed to protect itself against possible litigation! (i.e. better to be on the safe side).

    In case you’re thinking that the odometer is counting the km’s too slow as a result – no. The odometer is exactly accurate in my Forester. I tested it over a long distance (200km) against the GPS calculated distance – and they were both the same… despite about a 10% understatement on the speedo.


  2. Erk

    That’s very interesting. Thanks for the heads up, BJ! :)

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