Erk Pod 69 – Show Notes

Erk Pod episode 69 – 62 minutes.

Photo: Erk the blonde mullet westie, 2005.

Special Magical Number Xmas Eve Eve Eve Solo Episode

Welcome to episode 69 of Erk Pod which is a special episode because 69 is my favourite number. Erk is flying solo in this episode and notices the difference about having no Drue opposite him.

In this episode:

  • Introduction to new listeners – welcome.
  • Thanks to Leigh for the voice over work! Cheers mate! I can’t wait to record an episode with you!
  • Wrap up of the 24 hour podcast with Todd Cochrane. It was a great experience. The podcast episodes should be available soon for the complete 24 hours (24 X 1 hour episodes) here.
  • Dress restrictions at hotels (or at least the hotel I went to last night after being on the 24 Hour Podcast) even apply to Santa hats, apparently!
  • More talk about westies and Australian slang and regional language. Thanks again to Broady for his theory and thanks to Timbo for pointing out an excellent site which I have described as an Australian version of Urban Dictionary which is an ABC site in conjunction with the Macquaire Dictionary. It could also be described as another version of Wikipedia. The site is and you can search for words and discover where these words are used. Erk will definately have to share this information with Drue!
  • The NSW Roads & Traffic Authority has released new figures announcing objects that people hit and when is the worst time for accidents on Sydney’s roads.

NOTE – Erk Pod 67 will be my portion of the 24 Hour Podcast. Erk Pod 68 is the first 2008 edition of the Big Brother podcast “Erk to the Diary Room” and will not feature on the Erk Pod feed.

Have a good Xmas, everyone!


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One response to “Erk Pod 69 – Show Notes

  1. Ben

    bring back the mullet!


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