Boxing Day Monster Trucks!

On the evening of Boxing Day (Boxing Night?), my mum and I went to Fairfield Showground to watch some Monster Trucks. It was my first time to the venue as an adult so I had no idea what it was like.

I’d been wanting to see Monster Trucks before but usually when they have been at Parramatta City Raceway (PCR), I’d been working or otherwise engaged.

It took ages to find a parking space and there was a pretty large crowd. If you weren’t prepared to pay extra for a grandstand, you had to try your best to get a good view. This was unlike PCR where you can sit in stadium style seating at no extra charge and everyone can see easily.

As you can see on the picture on the left, the crowd was pretty big. This is the northern half of the crowd but doesn’t show the crowd on the southern side, the grandstand or on the infield.

As you can also see, most of the crowd is standing to try and see anything because apart from the grandstand and a couple of other areas, it is pretty flat.

There was one monster truck and a tank driving around giving rides to people. There was a long line for the monster truck especially.

Loading the people into the back of the monster truck reminded me of putting people onto a plane.

This monster truck was basically running the whole time I was there. I wish I could say the same for the other monster trucks. There were long periods where various minibikes were running around and stunt cycles (which were cool) but most people probably wanted to see the monster trucks.

And don’t get me started on the theory of having fireworks in the daylight and then later deciding to delay things 20 minutes until it got dark to let fireworks off?

There was also a Jet Van which I’d seen before but it was cool. I thought though they were lucky not to set alight some obstacles and a lighting trailer!

Where I go to see the Monster Trucks again (and to be able to see them properly!), I’d definately do it again at PCR or a similar stadium or the Entertainment Centre. Speaking of PCR, there is a Demo Derby on Saturday night! WOO HOO! And I’m not working! Double WOO HOO!


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