Erk caught in credit card scam

Picture this……

It is Friday at lunchtime. I have to work later on Friday afternoon then I have the weekend off. I was going to do my Xmas shopping on Saturday. Monday is Xmas Eve and Tuesday is Xmas Day, both of which I was working on.

I’m supervising a tradesman at my house and a call comes in from my bank. The bank tells me that they need to cancel my card. Turns out that someone was arrested by the Police in the US with a heap of credit card numbers in his possession, including mine. The bank said that it was low risk but they wanted to cancel my card. It looks like they caught the guy in time from my point of view because nothing had been done on my account yet.

Lucky for me, most of my bills come out of my bank directly and I put as little as possible on the credit card. I still needed coin though to survive the afternoon, do my Xmas shopping and do day to day things while the banks were closed over Xmas. So the guy from the bank gave me an hour to get to an ATM to get some coin out to do me for a week because with the Xmas holidays and no postal service, the earliest the new card would arrive would be in a week on Friday. If I needed coin in the meantime I could go to the bank but on Xmas Day and Boxing Day, the bank would be closed.

I raced to the ATM and got some coin. I did my Xmas shopping and because I’ve been working, I haven’t had much chance to spend a lot of coin for most of this week. Under the circumstances, that isn’t a bad thing.

Now it is Friday and the day that I was told that my credit card was due to arrive. I am sweating for the postman (or is it Mail Delivery Person?), to arrive. We don’t get mail on weekends. Monday is New Year’s Eve and Australia Post are treating that as a Picnic Day/Public Holiday so there will be no mail. New Year’s Day is on Tuesday and that is a Public Holiday as well so if I don’t get it today, the earliest I could get the card is Wednesday next week!

I do know that I can go to the bank for luckily for me, the bank is close by. However for a lot of people, the bank is not in the same town so they have to travel. I’ll survive but it is a pain in the backside for sure and could not happen at the worse time of the year!


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