Erk Pod 70 – Show Notes

Erk Pod episode 70 – 69 minutes.

Photo: White Water Rafting is on Erk’s “to-do” list.

The New Year’s Eve Eve Eve Eve edition – Erk Gets McSad

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 70, the final episode of Erk Pod for 2007. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In this episode:

  • Erk & Drue talk about their Xmas and also their plans for New Year’s Eve.
  • 24 Hour Podcast: segments are being uploaded to the 24 Hour Podcast site. 16 segments have been uploaded so far. My segment is very close to being uploaded. Erk has started to listen to CherieCast which is very inspirational.
  • Erk Pod Mini – Erk Pod Mini is a podcast challenge that I have started where I will do a 5 minute podcast every day of 2008. I called it “Erk Pod Mini: 365 days of Erk” then Drue says that 2008 is a leap year and has 366 days! Can Erk restrict himself to 5 minutes? More details
  • Blubrry – Erk Pod is now a member of the Blubrry network where podcasters and podcast listeners can get together. This was inspired by the 24 Hr Podcast & Geek News Central.
  • Erk to the Diary Room – ETTDR is your one source for Big Brother news and commentary by Erk & Drue.
  • “Whispers At the Edge” and “The Survival Guide To Writing Fantasy” podcast crossover. Hosts Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine did a cross over where Tee presented an episode of Pip’s podcast and vice versa. So you could hear an American presenting a New Zealand podcast and vice versa. It was interesting to get a different point of view but remain true to the format of the podcast. Maybe Tee & Pip will get together in an episode together in 2008! See the Haka that Tee made for the episode here
  • Thanks to my mate Richard Jefferies of the “Wasting Time” podcast for telling me what his Xmas weather was and for giving some nice feedback on Drue’s co-hosting role. Cheers, mate.
  • We have solved the mic issues that we had with Squeak’s audio in Erk Pod 66.
  • Erk gets caught up in a credit card scam and has a McSad experience with McDonalds & Monster Trucks. Drue explains the process of going through an internal de-tox program.


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3 responses to “Erk Pod 70 – Show Notes

  1. Squeak

    You mentioned in this epsode you wanted an old ambulance to travel around in.

  2. Squeak

    Squeak was in Ballarat when listening to ERKPOD ep70 and was driving the Great ocean Rd when erk and drue were recording ERKPOD ep70

  3. I’ll be at that site for a while, Squeak!

    Thanks for letting me know where you were when you got the shout out! :)

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