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Erk Pod Mini 31 – Show Notes. Thursday 31 January 2008

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Thursday 30 January 2008. In this episode:

  •  WOO HOO – Made it through 1 month of daily Erk Pod Mini episodes depsite some close calls! YAY ME!
  • NOT WOO HOO – Fortnight of super duper early mornings coming up including a PJ Day on Saturday if I can’t find a swap in the next day or two. If this happens, Erk Pod Mini will be recorded just before I go to bed, around 4-5pm.
  • Erk had a question answered about the 911 Emergency number in the US answered on episode 102 of the MedicCast. The MedicCast is a podcast for EMT’s or as we call them here in Australia, Ambulance Officers or Paramedics. Indeed, Jamie the Podmedic (the show’s host) has asked me if I am available for an interview to talk about Fire & Emergency Medical Services here in Australia. I will try to ask him some podcasting questions as well.
  • Erk has been listening to a new interactive podcast recorded live on Wednesday afternoons (1pm, Sydney time) by the 2 Web Crew which is a podcast of The Podcast Network. The 2 Web Crew record their podcast and interact with the listening audience via a forum/chatroom set up and it can get quite interesting. Episode 15 was the first one that I listened to live.


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Diva Digest

In today’s Erk Pod Mini I talked a little about a blog called Diva Digest. I found out about it in yesterday’s Sydney edition of the Mx newspaper, the free paper that gets handed out to afternoon commuters.

The page 2 story and photos shows Emma Kilkeary who used to work for the Austereo media company, Australia’s top radio network. According to the article, she used to send around what sounds like a typical corporate newsletter. Indeed there is one where I work called “What’s News” that I call “What’s Propaganda” produced on a weekly basis. Also, there is a quarterly version called “On Track” that I call “Off The Rails”. So I can understand that there isn’t a lot of room for being out there and interesting in a corporate newsletter.

Then according to the article, Emma started putting celebrity gossip in the newsletter and people started reading it and giving her feedback. Some people said that they didn’t read women’s celebrity magazines any more but only read her newsletter. After this, she quit her job in December and started the blog Diva Digest.

I commend any one who has the guts to leave their day job to start something new. However, I don’t see how people can just write one blog and be able to live off that. I can understand doing the blog around work time. I do three podcasts and this blog and I still work a full time job, do volunteer work etc. I can understand people who run new media companies like Cameron Reilly (The Podcast Network) and Todd Cochrane (Raw Voice) leaving a full time job because what they are doing now would probably be the equal of 2 or 3 full time jobs. They aren’t just doing one podcast or one blog and that is it. They are lucky to be in a position to be able to do it but they do it through hard work. I just don’t see how you could make money off just one blog and that’s it!

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Erk Pod Mini 30 – Show Notes. Wednesday 30 January 2008

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Wednesday 30 January 2008. In this episode:

  • Lucky I did yesterday’s episode before I went to work yesterday because I got back to the depot at about 12.30am instead of 12.15am. Still after midnight, though.
  • Why are people wheeling small children around residential streets at 12.45am?
  • Erk Pod is in the top 100 in the Personal Journals category.
  • How can someone leave a full time media job to write a celeb blog?
  • Felt a bit frustrated towards the end of the shift but had a nice meal under the stars at Grunville & Lidcombee.

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One Erk Pod Feed, One Erk Pod Host



Originally, Erk Pod’s podcast host was and this worked well until late 2007. However there was a week where I had trouble uploading to the server. Of course, being unable to upload is a major problem. Then I switched to Podshow and have had no problem uploading to them and now all Erk Pod content is hosted by Podshow.

From November 2007 until the end of January 2008, I have kept both feeds running to give people a chance to switch over to the new feed. I have decided now to remove the original feed from iTunes. This is partly because I am still having trouble uploading to it and also partly because I do not want anyone subscribed to this feed to miss any episodes.

Please check your feed. If you are hearing a advertisement at the start of the podcast or you see either “OLD FEED” or “FEED 2” in the title of the podcast or episode, that is the old feed. Please subscribe to the new feed by clicking on any of the subscribe links on this page. Don’t forget to subscribe to both Erk Pod (weekly) and Erk Pod Mini.

If you have any comments or questions, contact me or comment here.

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Erk Pod – Top 100 in iTunes!

That headline is as impressive as it is misleading. I am indeed in the top 100 on iTunes but only in the “Personal Journals” category. I am currently in position 61. Interestingly, it is with my old feed & host. You are subscribed via my newer feed via Podshow (or by clicking an icon on the right hand side of this page), right?

I don’t look at this sort of thing all the time but it is good to know that I’m not talking to myself!

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Erk Pod Mini 29 – Show Notes. Tuesday 29 January 2008

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini for Tuesday 29 January 2008.

In this episode:

  • This episode is earlier than normal (lunchtime) due to working late afternoons.
  • Extended Valentine’s Day rant from the point of view of a single bloke.
  • Don’t forget to join the Erk Pod Facebook Group. Click on the Facebook icon on the Erk Pod website.

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Valentine’s Day as a single bloke…….

If you are a single bloke like I am, there is a red letter day coming up next month in the form of Valentine’s Day. The shops are starting to sell the cards and the monkeys and the bears and the ……….. the list goes on!

There are two ways to approach Valentine’s Day if you are a single bloke in my opinion. Firstly, you could use it as an ice breaker to finally ask that girl out that you’ve had your eye on for ages but haven’t worked out the courage to do so. I did that a lot in school where they’d organise a primitive card or flower delivering service within the school. I haven’t bothered with that approach for a while. Then again, most of the women that I know that are girlfriend potential in my eyes – at least to me – are already spoken for.

The other way to approach VD for a single bloke is to file it under “this is not happening” and totally try to avoid the day entirely with all the happy couples seemingly rubbing the fact in your face that they are getting some and you aren’t. I remember last year I was on a day off and I totally avoided the shops to avoid happy couples. In fact, I went to a workshop because I needed some work done on my car and even then, I could not avoid a happy couple who should have got a room at the Hilton!

If you are a recently un-single bloke who has found someone in December, January or early February, you may find that Valentine’s Day brings an extra pressure. Because of the over-commercial day that it has become, you may find yourself doing things that you normally wouldn’t do so early in a relationship if you met the lady in (for example) August.

Having said that, I’m sure Valentine’s Day is a great day if you are in a committed relationship. I’ve only been in a relationship once on the day and yes, it was a good day. And yes, I enjoyed it. And yes, I got into the spirit. And yes, the relationship was in the early stages that I mentioned before. I’m sure you’ve had more experience than me on Valentine’s Day.

Actually, I do celebrate the day. It is my anniversary of starting work with my current employer. I was supposed to be there on a temporary basis for 6 months. This Valentine’s Day marks 14 years in various roles. Ironically, I often feel married to the job and not to the girl. But that’s another story altogether.

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