Erk Pod 67 (24 Hr Podcast) – Show Notes

24 Hour Podcast – segment 20. 42 minutes.

Photo: Yes Todd, we have Target here too, mate! In country areas, it is known as “Target Country”.

This is my contribution to the 24 Hour Podcast hosted by Todd Cochrane from Geek News Central. My audio isn’t the best (it sounded better when we were talking!) but it was an interesting discussion. It was my first chat talking to someone in another country.

For the other segments from the 24 Hour Podcast go to In the spirit of the podcast, the audio has not been edited (it’s not an Erk highlights package) so there will be some audio without me being involved.

Todd went on air at 3am Sydney time on Saturday 22 December (6am Friday, Hawaiian time) and continued all the way until 3am on Sunday 23 December Sydney time. I was on air from just after 6pm until about 7.30pm on Saturday night, Saturday time.

Topics included:

  • Christmas in Australia, the US and Hawaii
  • Travelling around Australia
  • NSW sounds like Texas (in relation to driving times at least).
  • Can you get lost driving in Hawaii?
  • Sailors coming to port – Australian ladies love American sailors
  • Has Todd been to Australia?
  • Being isolated from the mainland
  • Australia’s geography is a lot easier to learn than America’s!
  • Australia is becoming the 51st state of America.
  • Australians don’t all speak like Steve Irwin!

Thanks for Todd for the opportunity to participate (sight unseen!) and also for providing the audio. I hope we can do this again with better audio some day!


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