Erk Pod Mini 05 – Show Notes. Saturday 5 January 2008

Erk Pod Mini episode 5 – 5 minutes.

Photo: Where’s Erk?

Due to rain, lawn mowing has been cancelled for today only!

Welcome to episode 5 of Erk Pod Mini for Saturday 5 January 2008.

In this episode:

  • Only had today off. No lawn mowing due to rain.
  • Westiefield was busy, parked on level 4 in lieu of level 2.
  • Finally got the movie “Shortbus” as mentioned on Triple M’s “Get This” last year as well as “The 40 year old Virgin” on DVD. Thanks Squeak & Man!
  • December 2007 stats done. 571 downloads for December WOO HOO!
  • I hope to be recording an interview next weekend, not totally confirmed yet.
  • No Erk Pod episode today (or as BJ calls it now, Erk Pod Maxi) but Drue and Erk will get together Monday.

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