Erk Pod Mini 08 – Show Notes. Tuesday 08 January 2008.

Welcome to Erk Pod Mini episode 8, 8 January 2008. (5 minutes)

In this episode:

  • Today is the 8 January 2008. In 8 months it will be 08/08/08! I know 2 ladies at work with major events planned on that day. One is getting married and one is having a birthday.
  • “Mr Wash, that’s my name. What’s my name? My name again is Mr Wash”.
  • Erk talks about washing trains.
  • Mc Donalds complaint sorted.
  • Lawn mowed. Mower sounds betterer than ever after being fixed.
  • Have a look at the new look website at the same address as before: – the site is now hosted by Word Press and is a lot better.
  • Testing USB headset/mic tonight. A lot more work in post production. Will mainly use this for talking on Skype etc for interviews.

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