Erk Pod Mini 09 – Show Notes. Wednesday 09 January 2008

Welcome to episode 9 of Erk Pod Mini (5 minutes) brought to you by Nicole Kidman’s first trimester. In this episode:

  • Who is sick of Nicole Kidman’s pregnancy news? ME ME ME ME ME ME
  • Welcome back Squeak and Man from their trip away. Thanks Squeak for the Erk Pod Mini feedback.
  • I was going to record Erk Pod episode 71 today but have a house guest. Itchy is in the house!
  • Erk was Mr Shed today (insert Mr Shed song *here* for Leigh). He had a good day talking with the senior drivers, shunters & helping a newbie to the depot. And no Dave, Erk is not a courier!
  • I got Twitter working on WordPress via RSS. Not pretty but it does the job!

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