McDonalds dispute resolved

You may remember that on Xmas Eve last year, I had bad service by staff at Mc Donalds at Auburn. I went there after work and ordered some food and a shake and got told that I could not get the shake because the machine was broken and I couldn’t get my money back because it was a part of a combo. I didn’t have a good experience with the supervisor that I called either.

It was easily the worst experience I have had at a fast food outlet of any brand in Australia – and I’ve eaten at a few! I used to work at KFC (my first job was actually to be a chicken cooker guy – officially I was called a “Food Service Worker”) so I understand the pressure that the staff (often teenagers, still at school) can be under and how bad customers can indeed be. In customer service there is often an expression “the customer is always right” but I’m here to tell you that the customer isn’t always right at all. If you constantly believe the customer over your staff and you don’t trust your staff, why would (or should) staff go that extra mile in case it goes pear shaped.

So when I got home I emailed McDonalds’ Australian HQ and on Monday, I received a phone call from the Store Manager. She was very nice and very apologetic and said that what happened to me wasn’t acceptable. I was told to come into the store and would be given a voucher for the value of the meal I purchased on Xmas Eve.

I enjoyed that meal lunchtime Tuesday. I am glad that at least one staff member from the organisation was able to see sense and agreed with me that the situation could have been handled a lot better. I know good customer service isn’t easy but if you receive bad customer service, do not feel bad about making a complaint!

Indeed I will email McDonalds back and advise them that they do indeed have a good egg for a store manager at Auburn who are (for now!) off the banned list!


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