Erk Pod 71 – Show Notes. Racist Babies makes Erk Angry!

 Episode 71 – 56 minutes

Welcome to episode 71 of Erk Pod, where it is all Erk, all the time …… and then some!

This is the first edition of the extended episode of Erk Pod for 2008 and Erk is flying solo.

  • Erk Pod Mini is going well. Erk Pod Mini is a daily 5 minute podcast by Erk. For more info and to subscribe, look around this website! I am up to episode 10.
  • There is a new look website here – please have a look and let me know if you have any comments and suggestions. WordPress is not an easy mistress.
  • Erk & Drue have been testing Talkshoe & Skype for interviews and guest hosts.
  • Erk has an interview planned for Saturday night and also hopes to record an episode with Drue.
  • Erk has plans for other interviews. If you would like to chat, contact me.
  • Brains Matter podcast – congrats to OG for his recent 50th episode. Brains Matter is an Australian based podcast featuring interviews and information about science, general knowledge and other things you may be curious about. OG interviews some interesting people including a Nobel Prize winner and an Australian of the Year. Erk retells some High School stories.
  • Erk Gets Serious – Racism in cricket and society in general. Pregnant celebrities V pregnant non celebrities.
  • Vote Me Up – As mentioned on several occasions, Erk enjoys listening to Vote Me Up but this week Tom, Marie & Lara advised that there will be no more episodes (download them which you can, folks!) of the podcast. Thanks for the great entertainment, guys. There is a song dedication to you at the end of the episode.
  • Reality Cast – Thanks to Kram and Ganesha for the latest shout-out and to Carl for pimping Erk Pod. In their latest edition, Kram and Ganesha take a break from reality TV and Ganesha features his top 10 albums for 2007.

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