Are you a Twitterer?

Are you a Twitterer?

For those of you who aren’t, let me explain. You all probably know about the concept of SMS on mobile phones where you have up to 160 characters in a message to send to someone. Twitter expands on that. It is another interweb social networking tool like Myspace or Facebook and some people use it like an instant messenger program like MSN. Twitter allows you to send a short message of 140 characters compared to 160 of an SMS. However with Twitter, it is interweb based primarily where you can post messages and read other people’s messages as well.  You can “follow” other people and they can “follow” you where their messages appear on your Twitter page and vice versa. You can also send a message direct to anyone there. You can also use it to share website addresses but Twitter will convert that to a Tiny URL.

In some countries you can send and receive Twitter messages via SMS as well but if you have interweb on your mobile, you don’t need to use the SMS feature. I have heard that people have found Twitter useful when out and about.

Person A puts out a message saying “Is there anyone out in Parramatta Westiefield who wants to meet up for coffee?”. Persons B, C & D see the message and send a message back to person A or calls them and then they go for coffee.

On the previous website, you could see nicely all my Twitter messages but with the new site, WordPress does not like the Javascript that Twitter uses. So the only way I could get it to work on freebie WordPress is to use an RSS feed of my messages. It isn’t pretty or as quick as the old way but it works!

I will often (but not always!) send a Twitter message when I am at work or out and about.

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