Erk joins Norg

Norg is people based online journalism where the Average Tom or Jane can submit stories that they have found elsewhere or articles that they have written themselves. I found out about Norg after listening to episode 307 of the “G’day World” podcast hosted by Cameron Reilly. In this episode, Cameron has an entertaining interview with Bronwen Clune who started up Norg Media as an alternative news source to the mainstream media. Listen to the interview here.

At the moment, Norg has clusters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. You can select to submit or read a story to a cluster of your choice or all clusters. There are separate categories covering general news, sport, business, entertainment, technology & lifestyle.

I have joined Norg and have submitted one article so far. I will post any articles here that I submit to Norg. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to comment here or on Norg. Unless the article is Sydney-centred, I will be submitting my articles to all the clusters.


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