A picture for Richard……

My podcasting mate from Chicago (Richard Jeffries, “Wasting Time” podcast) has been a regular listener to Erk Pod for a while now and we exchange stories about what is happening in our respective cities in our podcasts including our mutual love of motorsport, life and the weather.

Obviously at the moment it is summer for me and winter for Richard but in episode 40 of his podcast, he said that one day it was minus 4 degrees  Fahrenheit and the next day it was 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I have a very basic knowledge of that scale where 100 degrees F equals 38 degrees Celsius. That is a MASSIVE range in temperature in such a short period! Then when I put the figures into Google (Google is my friend!), that is when Richard’s message hit home. In Celsius according to Google, that is minus 20°C (woo hoo, WordPress has the degree symbol!) on one day and a rather barmy 18°C the next day! -20°C! Man, that is COLD! I might have experienced minus 2 or minus 3 but minus 20? BRRRRRR!

While I’m writing about how cold it would have been in Chicago while having no experience about it, I am sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt in front of my AC. The photo was taken of my speedo when I arrived home at lunchtime where it was showing 32°C. An outdoor sign in the nearby suburb of St Marys 5 minutes before I arrived home showed 40°C (110°F) but my closest weather station at the time showed 31°C – still a lot hotter than Chicago.


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